Brief Biography

Bruce Leigh Myers, Ph.D. (Far Right) with Colleague Robert Chung (Standing) and Students Representing RIT TAGA Student Chapter in Memphis, TN March, 2016

Earned Doctorate in Graphic Communications with over twenty-five years of extensive industry experience as an educator, product trainer, and proven top-performing sales professional. Currently serve as resident Assistant Professor in the School of Media Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in color management and control, materials, printing processes, production workflow and ink formulation. Since 1998, work as an Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching at New York University, and served as a resident assistant professor in Graphic Communications at Kean University in the early 2000’s.

Industry experience includes over fourteen years with X-Rite, Incorporated where positions included serving as Global Sales Training Manager, and over eleven years at Agfa Corporation, working as Technical Manager responsible for a team of field-based Technical Representatives and maintaining all consumable sales in the New York metropolitan region. Areas of specific expertise include color measurement and management, statistical process control, quality management, technical writing, quantitative research design and analysis.

Frequent speaker at conferences both domestically and abroad, and published widely in academic and industry trade press. Relevant international speaking and training experience includes various industry events and institutions in the People’s Republic of China, including the printing programs at major Universities in Beijing, Shanghai, and The Advanced Printing Technology Centre Ltd (APTEC) in Hong Kong. Sold and implemented color measurement solutions programs to brand managers at major consumer packaging organizations. Wrote technical specification manuals, prepared and presented color quality control programs to major international brand owners and packaging vendors, and oversaw adoption of brand color management initiatives.